An Introduction to VOYA Products

After nearly 6 months of construction, and €1.2 million investment, our luxurious new spa in the Osprey Hotel in Naas reopens on June 8th. To complement our 6 brand new treatment rooms, relaxation rooms and couples suite, we have chosen VOYA as the signature product for the spa. We love VOYA and we know you will too, here’s why:



Seaweed bathing is a 300-year-old tradition in Ireland and is actually Ireland’s only indigenous therapy. The original company was started 100 years ago when the first seaweed baths opened in Sligo. Customers were so impressed with the seaweed baths, they wanted to experience the same at home so the Walton family founded VOYA Organic Beauty, one of the world’s first companies to supply certified organic seaweed cosmetics. Over the last 12 years, VOYA has harnessed the powers of seaweed and created an entire range of luxurious range of products for you to enjoy both in the spa and in your own time.


All Natural

Have you ever read the back of a skin product and not recognised one of the ingredients? Voya products are completely natural and 80% organic, meaning all of the ingredients in their products are found in the earth and nothing man-made is added. The main ingredients include orange, neroli and of course wild Irish seaweed extract which rejuvenates the skin and clears out toxins naturally. The ingredients are all locally sourced, originate in Ireland and these fabulous products are now shipped to over 37 countries worldwide.


Environmentally friendly

Not only will you be treating yourself when you use VOYA products, you can relax in the knowledge that the company gives back to the environment at every opportunity. They are ‘cruelty-free, Soil Association and COSMOS certified organic and a leading member of ECOPACT; ensuring we are environmentally responsible and sustainable.’, perfect for environmentally conscious consumers. Their packaging is recycled, recyclable and biodegradable. VOYA even supports seal rescue and sponsors one seal every month.


VOYA Products

After years in the business, VOYA have perfected their craft and expanded to offer a wide variety of products. VOYA products range from candles and VOYA tea to skin care and body oils with over 50 products to choose from. The products are specially tailored to cater for different skin types and come in different sizes for convenience.

Osprey Spa in Naas offers a wide range of pampering treatments using VOYA products, everything from Mud Baths to full body massages and everything in between. We offer specialised treatments for men and pregnant ladies also, so there is something for everyone.

At Osprey Spa we think you should be treated to the very best of the best, we offer a huge range of treatments using these luxurious products. If you would like more information about our treatments, check out our brand new brochure, website or call to speak to one of our therapists.