Health Benefits of Spa Treatments

We love the idea of completely switching off, heading off to a luxurious spa hotel and treating ourselves to some much-needed pampering. Did you know spa treatments are not only good for our mental health but our physical health and well-being too? In case you need an excuse to visit our brand new spa, here are some of the health benefits of spa treatments:


Slow down

Booking a spa treatment gives you something to look forward to. It gives you time to slow down and treat yourselves to some ‘me-time’, which is something its easy to forget about with our hectic lifestyles. Take an hour or two, or maybe a whole day, and cut yourself off completely from work and family life and let someone else pamper you. We guarantee you will feel a million times better and be able to work more efficiently when you give yourself some quality time off. Dry floatation is the perfect way to switch off your mind and allow your troubles to float away.



On the physical side, you also need to slow down. We are all trying to look and feel our best and the easiest way to do this is to work out regularly. It is so easy to push yourself a little too hard while training and pull or tire out your muscles. Giving your body adequate rest and time to regenerate will ensure you are fit and well enough to carry on with your fast-paced life. A massage will help with sore muscles, making sure you are fully relaxed and regenerated when you leave.


Benefits of a massage

As well as helping your sore muscles relax, certain types of massage will also stimulate blood flow around your body, boost circulation to the extremities and release toxins. This can be a great relief to people with circulatory problems and can ease the fatigue and aches that come with excess lactic acid. Massages also lower blood pressure, speed up the healing process and improve overall bodily function. The benefits are endless, what are you waiting for?


Rejuvenate your skin,

Pollution, mistreatment and getting older can all make your skin look tired and grey. A facial will help you to get back to yourself by looking and feeling your best. Facials help to detoxify and thoroughly revitalise your skin and help to even skin tone. They help to reduce puffiness, stimulate skin cell regeneration and encourage circulation in the face. We use VOYA for our treatments, the very best all-natural products made using seaweed hand-picked from the west coast of Ireland. After your facial, your skin will feel soft, nourished and purified and you will feel great!


These are a small few of the benefits a spa treatment can give you, there are so many more you can discover for yourself. To find out more about the newly reopened Osprey Spa, or to make an appointment, check our website or call us to speak to one of our experienced and talented therapists.