Tips to Help Your Spray Tan Last Longer

For most people, a spray tan is a once in a while luxury when you’re going to a special event or wedding. A spray tan can help your complexion look better and even make you look more toned. We want your spray tan to look great and last as long as possible so you can keep feeling that golden glow. Here are our best tips to make the most of your tan:

Before you tan:


We cannot express enough the importance of exfoliating before you get sprayed. Exfoliating smooths and buffs the skin, removing dead skin cells and giving us a perfect blank canvas to work with. If you do not exfoliate you run the risk of patchy and uneven tan especially on harder skin areas like knees and elbows. As part of the exfoliation process, you should shave your legs, underarms and bikini areas at least 24 hours before your spray.

Wear appropriate clothing

‘Fail to prepare and prepare to fail’ - can be applied to tanning too. Don’t turn up for your tan in tight jeans and a strappy top. As soon as your tan is dry, you redress and anything touching your skin has the to leave a mark. Come prepared and wearing a loose fitting top and tracksuit bottoms or leggings, the looser the better. Try to avoid wearing a bra, or at least bring a strapless one, and bring a pair of sandals instead of shoes and socks.

Avoid water

This may seem like an obvious one but try to avoid water as much as possible until the morning after a tan. Water will leave unsightly spots and streaks on your tan, ruining the illusion of the natural summer glow. Don’t go swimming or shower immediately after. Try to wash your hands as little as possible and don’t do any cleaning. The perfect excuse to make your other half finish that sink of dirty dishes!

After you tan:


Try to wait at least 5-7 hours before you shower after tanning, ideally overnight to give the tan a chance to dry properly and absorb into your skin. If you can wait overnight the tan can properly develop. There may be some tan transferred to your bedclothes so put away your Egyptian cotton sheets! When you do shower the next day to remove the excess tan, don’t scrub your skin and pat yourself dry with a towel instead of rubbing.


If you want your tan to fade evenly, and avoid the dreaded scaly look inside your elbows and knees, make sure you moisturise. Try to use a good quality, hydrating moisturiser and don’t skimp when applying it. Best to moisturise each night after a light shower and ensure you use a water-based product, never oil based.


If you want to feel that summer glow all year round, treat yourself to a spray tan in our beauty rooms at the Osprey Spa. We use ‘The Tan’ branded spray tan and our beauty therapists are well-trained to ensure a perfect spray every time. To book a spray tan or any other treatment, contact us by phone or email.