Spa Treatments to Get You Summer Ready

Spa Treatments to Get You Summer Ready

Summer has finally arrived! What a great time to get your skin ready for some (safe!) sun exposure. Whether you are travelling to somewhere tropical or waiting patiently in the back garden for the Irish summer to return, you should make sure you’re summer ready with a visit to the brand new Osprey Spa for a pampering session. Here are some of the best summer-ready treatments we recommend;


If you plan to flash some flesh in a swimsuit this year, make sure your bikini line is ready! Get rid of unsightly body hair around your bikini area and on your legs with minimal effort and maximum effect. Shaving may cost less but often leaves you with a painful rash and it’s a lot harder to maintain that smooth freshly-shaved feeling. We use Lycon Wax System, a pain-free and fully certified wax which conditions the skin leaving you feeling bikini-ready.

VOYA Sea Mineral Exfoliation

Give your skin the ultimate treat with our VOYA Sea Mineral Exfoliation treatment. This treatment doesn’t focus on a specific part of your body like a facial, instead, your whole body is thoroughly exfoliated and moisturised. The scrub helps to firm your skin and removes dead skin cells while encouraging cell regeneration and evening skin tone. You have a choice of four different scents to choose from and you will leave with a new lease of life!


Summertime means warmer air, more exposure to harsh chemicals from swimming pools and sun creams and of course a lot more perspiring! All of these can leave your face feeling dry or puffy and in need of some TLC. The best way to regenerate your skin is with a relaxing, rejuvenating facial tailor-made to suit your skin type. We use natural and organic products from VOYA, made with seaweed harvested straight from the Irish Sea. A facial will restore your skins natural glow and improve your complexion overall while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Full Body Spray Tan

If you love the feeling of an all-over healthy glow, but don’t want to expose your sun to the suns damaging rays, choose a healthier option. We offer full and half-body spray tans so your skin stays safe but still has a deep, rich tan. Our experienced therapists ensure your tan is even, not a patchy tan that the sun can leave you with. Not only are you protecting your skin from harmful UV rays but saving yourself hours of baking in the uncomfortable heat of the sun and reapplying sun cream every hour.

The Final Touch

Now that the rest of your body is buffed, primed and ready for summer, don’t forget those final touches. Make sure your hands and feet look as good as the rest of you! Treat your digits to a quick hand and foot massage then our therapists will work their magic on your cuticles and nails, buffing clipping and polishing until you are happy. You can choose a nail colour that suits your summer wardrobe and brightens up any outfit.

For all of these treatments and many, many more check out the brand new Osprey Spa. After our €1.2 million refurbishment, we can’t wait for you to experience the luxurious and relaxing atmosphere we have created just for you. To book a treatment or for more information on any of our services, check our website or call to speak to one of our talented and experienced therapists. We look forward to pampering you!