Benefits of a Seaweed Bath

Have you ever had the pleasure of experiencing a luxury seaweed bath? Those who have can sing about the benefits of this natural, detoxifying experience. If you haven’t and are wondering what makes a seaweed bath so special, read on for the benefits to your body and mind:

What Is A Seaweed Bath?

Essentially a seaweed bath is an ordinary bath for one but instead of water from the tap, the bath is filled with hot seawater and seaweed which has been steamed to help release its natural minerals. To describe it in text does no justice for this luxurious experience. Imagine the feeling of weightlessness and relaxation as you are surrounded by the wonder of the sea. We then add some natural essential oils to enhance your experience and heighten your senses.

Soothes Muscles

The ritual of bathing in hot water and seaweed comes from ancient traditions and has provided relief and relaxation to people of all ages for centuries. The heat and calming atmosphere can provide a respite from the pain caused by mobility issues such as rheumatism and arthritis by relaxing tense muscles and joints. The high concentration of iodine in the water has a positive effect on the thyroid which can help regulate the metabolism, promoting weight loss and regulating circulation.


Seaweed has natural anti-ageing and anti-cellulite properties which improve the suppleness and elasticity of skin. It detoxifies, cleanses, tones and smoothes skin while replenishing much-needed oils removed by daily life. Dry and damaged skin leads to premature wrinkles and the deepening of fine lines. Moisturised and looked after skin means your skin looks younger and fresher. The Algae extracts from seaweed also have an amazing moisturising effect on the hair, increasing its lustre and softness.


One of the biggest benefits of a seaweed bath is the absolute purity of the act. Nothing is taken away and very little added to the bath, so you know you are taking advantage of nature’s finest without adding chemicals or other nasties. This bathing ritual is the simplest and purest of all organic treatments. Using the power of organic seaweed, you can deeply moisturise the skin, increase circulation and promote healing. The oils in seaweed have long been used to recuperate from illness, by detoxifying the body and helping the renewal of damaged skin cells.

Time To Yourself

As well as all of the physical benefits, a seaweed bath gives you the feeling of ultimate relaxation and peace which is so good for your mental health. Use the time to clear your mind and meditate, simply indulging in some ‘me-time’. It not often we get a chance to bathe in peace without kids, pets and technology getting in the way so take advantage!

Submerge your body into a bath of organic, hand-harvested Atlantic seaweed as part of your visit to the brand new Osprey Spa and leave feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Speak to our knowledgeable therapists today to discuss your visit or make a booking.