Valentine's Treat

We have a very special Valentine’s treat for people who want to celebrate in style this year. We are offering a fantastic range of 25-minute treatments for you to choose from, so you can treat yourselves and friends or family. The treatment will be followed by a delicious cocktail, made to your liking in our hotel bar so you can continue to relax and unwind for as long as you like. Here are some of the spa treatments you can choose from: 

 Taster Facial

Treat your skin to some TLC with a revitalising Taster Facial. We use only the finest organic products from Voya, making sure your skin is exfoliated, moisturised and completely invigorated, leaving you ready for anything. Our facials are carried out by our trained and experienced salon staff, who are happy to tailor the treatment to your skin type and preferences. 

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

If you prefer a more in-depth treatment, you could opt for a Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage, using our signature Hot Oil. We help you to fully relax, work out any knots that may have built up and completely forget about any stress or tension that may cause pain or discomfort. You’ll leave completely chilled out, and ready to further unwind with your tasty cocktail!

Indian Head Massage

If a body massage isn’t your thing, maybe you’d prefer an Indian Head Massage. This alternative medicine massage is great for stimulating hair follicles - encouraging hair growth, helps to release toxins and improves lymphatic drainage. The massage itself is totally relaxing, incorporating the scalp, sides of the head, forehead, chin, hairline, neck, shoulders and top of the spine.

Dry Floatation Experience

If you have never had a Dry Floatation Experience, now is the ideal time to give it a go. The hardest thing to do in life is to completely switch off. When you experience dry floatation, you are given no choice! You’ll have the sensation of floating in a bath but stay completely dry with only your thought to keep you company. Your body and mind will emerge as if you’ve had a three-hour nap.

Leg and Foot Ritual

If you suffer from swollen legs or sore feet, our Leg and Foot Ritual is ideal for you. The treatment begins with an exfoliation from the knee to the foot, followed by a deeply relaxing leg and foot massage to rest and repair swollen and tired feet. This is especially useful for our pregnant guests who suffer from all types of foot ailments. 

If you and your group of friends would like to book this very special offer, you’ll have to be quick. Call our team on 00353 (0)45 883 910 or email to book. The treatment and cocktail package will cost €55 each and is available from Tuesday to Friday this week.