Benefits of Manicures and Pedicures

We don’t know about you but here in Osprey Spa, we LOVE treating ourselves to regular manicures and pedicures. We know how important regular nail care is but if you’re looking for a good reason/excuse to treat yourself, keep reading!


Do your hands go blue when its cold out? You’ve probably thought nothing of it but this is a common circulatory problem and can be prevented and improved with regular hand and foot massages which are included in our manicure and pedicure packages. The relaxing massage not only improves blood circulation but can improve the mobility of your joints too.

Skin & Nail Health

Regular treatments ensure that the skin on your hands and feet is smooth and moisturised, saving you from unsightly dry and cracked knuckles and heels. We only use the finest, all-organic products so you can be sure there are no harsh chemicals that will further damage your skin or aggravate an existing skin condition. Regular maintenance of your nails also keeps them healthy and the chances of developing fungi and other skin and nail infections are reduced.

Foot Health

How many of us can honestly say we love our feet? We hear all the time how embarrassed people are to show their feet. It’s a sore spot for many people, both figuratively and literally! Many people we treat have corns and calluses resulting from years of tight or badly fitting shoes and they have been left untreated. These painful bumps can have an effect on more than just our feet, they can affect our posture and back health too as we often walk differently to compensate for the pain. Regular pedicures can help to treat these painful bumps and give your confidence back.


We all know the stresses and strains of daily life can often overwhelm us and leave us feeling tired and run down. Sometimes these strains can show in our physical appearance through dull skin and lifeless hair, and other times they manifest into bad habits like nail-biting. Dry cuticles make it easy to pick and pull at the skin around our nails leaving them bleeding and very painful. De-stress once a month with a full manicure and you won’t be as tempted to bite your nails. You’ll want to keep them as perfect as we leave them.


There is no better place to go for a girly day out than to the salon for some relaxation and pampering. Make a day of it and treat yourselves to a full manicure and pedicure, just because you feel like it! We can accommodate hen/stag/hag parties, groups of friends or families who want to spend some quality time together. Our talented therapists will help you to look and feel your best with a manicure to suit your personal style and mood.

To book a manicure, pedicure or any of our other fantastic treatments, you can contact our professional team to talk through your options. We looking forward to pampering you!