Pre-Christmas Treat Ideas

Christmas is a time for giving gifts and enjoying the company of friends and family… in an ideal world! In reality, it can be stressful both mentally and physically. This time of year can certainly be tough on your body too with excessive food consumption, cold weather and just general tiredness. So this year, give yourself the gift of pampering with a visit to Osprey Spa to try out one of our luxurious treatments.

For Dry Skin

Besides making us feel a little miserable, cold weather can also dry out your skin and hair. During the summer we are so concerned with taking care of our skin and that tends to fall at the wayside once the sun goes away and we’re all covered up. It’s so important to take care of our skin all year round and a great place to start is the sensitive skin on our faces. A luxurious facial In Osprey Spa will revitalise your face, cleansing thoroughly, evening skin tone and increasing clarity while deeply moisturising your skin.

For Your Muscles

The stress that comes with Christmas can really take a toll on your body and mind. This stress can often manifest as a physical pain, sometimes in your back or shoulders and will continue to tighten until it is fully relaxed. A relaxing massage may help to release some of that tension and help you to enjoy your Christmas break feeling a little lighter. We offer a range of massages that target specific parts of the body (Back, Neck & Shoulders, Full Body & Foot massage etc) so you can choose exactly what you need.

To Help Your Mind

The stress we feel over Christmas isn’t just physical. Many of us have money, family or other worries that can get us down at what should be ‘the most wonderful time of the year’. Have you ever tried a seaweed or a mud bath? These are great for both your body and to fully relax and help your mind to slow down. We use organic seaweed products for our baths and allow you to soak fully for 30 minutes with nothing but your mind and some gentle music. Use this time to meditate and completely clear your mind of all stress and worry. You’ll come out feeling a million times better.

To Help With Tiredness

Presents, dinner, family visits, shopping, cooking, cleaning… it feels like we’ll never get to sit down and recover. Make time the most important person this Christmas (you!) with a dry floatation treatment in Osprey Spa. Lying completely dry on a bed of water helps to soothe muscles, elongate the spine and relax the mind. It is so deeply relaxing, a thirty-minute treatment is the equivalent of a three-hour sleep!

This year, treat yourself or a loved one to one of our fabulous festive packages. You can customise your package to include exactly what you want or go for the whole hog with an indulgence package to experience a little of everything! If you would like more information or to book a treatment, contact one of our experienced team today.