PRO 60 Bespoke Skin Treatment Package

dermalogica face mapping.jpg
dermalogica face mapping.jpg

PRO 60 Bespoke Skin Treatment Package

280.00 390.00
  • Package includes skin consultation

  • 3 x 60 minute skin treatments followed by dry floatation experience

  • Bespoke skin fitness plan

What is a dermalogica PRO60 facial?

This fully customisable treatment incorporates our most advanced deep treatment options to address all of your top skin concerns. Highly active resurfacing agents along with professional-use serums will deliver incredible results. A re-energising eye treatment, combined with a stress-relieving massage will deliver unsurpassed relaxation along with the ultimate dermalogica glow.

Take the ultimate sensory journey to your healthiest-looking skin ever.

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